Twitch collects programmatic deals for Oct 2018, when ad-free viewing will no longer be available to Twitch Prime subscribers

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Amazon is becoming the third force in the advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google. What’s the word for a monopoly of three companies? Is that already an oligopoly? Go, look it up for me, grammar kids.

So it’s interesting to see Twitch account executives go around and pitch programmatic deals for desktop video inventory.

And remember, in 2018, desktop video inventory doesn’t grow anymore. It’s all about the smartphones, baby.

Twitch expands programmatic guarantees to more advertisers:

Since at least the start of 2018, Twitch has been pitching programmatic guaranteed deals for its desktop video inventory, said one agency exec with knowledge of the matter. Twitch is asking for advertisers to commit to spend at least $50,000 per campaign in exchange for a certain number of impressions, according to three agency execs with knowledge of the matter.

Twitch’s willingness to make these guarantees suggests that the platform is confident it can change advertisers’ perceptions. The push is particularly important as Twitch will eliminate its ad-free viewing option for Twitch Prime subscribers in October and will have more inventory to offer advertisers.

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